Windows Xp is dead and Windows 7 as good as.Windows 8 is crap and Windows(Wow, a startbutton!) 10 will be a cover-up for previous crap.

How to replaced it with a nice ubuntu or debian?

Here it is, you can do it locally or remote. If remote, your contact must install and run teamviewer, so you can take over his desktop en perform the steps to replace win xp with ubuntu or debian.

The teamviewer howto for your remote contact is here

In order to replace windows xp with ubuntu or debian, we will install a debian loader and add a boot option in win xp/7 his boot.ini

We also use grub to boot an ubuntu iso .

There is a custom32.iso for a 32bit install of xubuntu 14.04 ,a custom64.iso for 64bit install and a custom.iso for debian wheezy 64bit..Keyboard is qwerty.Change to other when logged in to your new ubuntu or debian.

These iso's have a preseed installation with hopefully no interaction.Network must be dhcp.


  • the complete harddisk will be erased
  • only for pc's with one harddisk and one networkcard
  • disconnect all external harddiscs if present
  • need good internet connection, only with dhcp network
  • a failed install leaves you with an empty hdd, so no os anymore.
  • use carefully, no guarantee

Let's start the funeral.

On the win xp/7 computer download and install the debian win32-loader.exe .

Get the official:

Or ours:

Save it and install it.After installation there will be a question to reboot,DO NOT REBOOT YET!

Hit the startbutton of xp, and hit run (commandline), for win 7 hit the windwos key + r and type cmd., next enter sysdm.cpl in the black box and hit enter.

type : sysdm.cpl

and hit ok

Than you get systemproperties.

Hit the advanced tab and click at Startup and Recovery on Settings

At System start choose Debian Gnu-Linux continue install process.Hit ok

Download the iso  and place tis iso in C:\win32-loader


the 32bit iso:

the 64bit one:

for debian wheezy 64bit:

for now we use the 32bit:

In the C:\win32-loader folder you see the file grub.cfg, rightclik on it and open it with wordpad (only wordpad please)

and replace all the text with this text found on

set timeout=5

menuentry "Netinstall" {
  loopback loop /win32-loader/custom32.iso
  linux (loop)/linux  locale=en_US debian-installer/locale=en_US netcfg/choose_interface=auto preseed/url= debconf/priority=critical --
  initrd (loop)/initrd.gz

for 64 bit installs:

for debian wheezy 64bit:

So you will have this for the 32 bit install:

Save and close the file.

Reboot the xp/7 computer.

After reboot the installer should begin.Be patient as the installer will search the harddisks.

If network error or partitioning error of the installer, you can still reboot, but you must choose win xp/7 on the boot options.

Once you boot windows xp/7 again, you reverse boot option showed above in systemsettings.

If xubuntu/debian is installed you will be presented a login screen.

Login with user: ubu    and password: lsbe

This user is sudo user also.

Enjoy, but no flowers on the grave.

Video will be here (only win xp config)

Video full install (slower because virtual vmware)

If problemsThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Special thanks to Robert Millan & Didier Raboud for the win32-loader.exe

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